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Duck Creek Off-Road Trails

Duck Creek Village has become a haven for ATV enthusiasts from all over the Western US. Located just 30 miles from Cedar City; 4 hours from Salt Lake City; and 3 hours from Las Vegas, it is an ideal central location for visitors from all over. The Markagunt Trail System runs through and around the town of Duck Creek Village. Most of the trails are 50” wide, but some have recently been opened up to 60” to allow for larger vehicles. The elevation among the trail system ranges from 8,000 ft above sea level to over 11,300 ft , so there is a stunning array of scenery that you are able to experience. The terrain also varies from smooth paths to rocky trails going through volcanic rock fields.

The trail system consists of 7 interconnecting loops, with over 50 trails that cover over 500 miles.Here you will find a trial system map to help guide you. The loops are categorized by numbers 1-7 and the smaller trails or “spur routes”, stem from those numbers. The Markagunt Plateau trail is number 1, and also the most popular. It runs its course for almost 82 miles (not including spurs), and is the longest route in the system. Loop 2 is Sandy-Caddy Creek Loop, coming in at just under 22 miles (not including spurs). Sandy-Caddy Loop’s trails can run thin in some areas, making it one of the less-traveled loops. Birch Spring-Pass Creek Loop is number 3 at just under 20 miles (not including spurs). It passes through the lower elevations in the area. Trail number 4 is the Tommy Creek Loop, which comes in at about 7 miles (not including spurs) The loop is a favorite in the area thanks to spur 46, which runs for 6 miles, will take you to the incredible Mammoth Cave. Strawberry Loop is number 5, at just over 12 miles (not including spurs). This loop takes riders through some amazing scenery, including spots looking over Zion National Park from the top of the Virgin River Rim. The trail also takes you by the Ice Cave, known for year-round icicles in the cavern. Spur 51, known as Cascade Falls, is a 3-mile spur that leads you to the hiking path to Cascade Falls. Loop 6 is Harris Rim Loop coming in at around 14 miles (not including spurs), it is located in a pretty remote area, and sees few visitors. The final loop, Stout Ridge, is loop number 7. It comes in as the shortest loop at 11 miles (not including spurs). It leads up to the Pink Cliffs above the Virgin River Rim. For more information on the different trails systems visit the Forest Service website.

In the town of Duck Creek Village, you will find a gas station, ATV repair and supply shop, small market, gas station, restaurants, and ATV rentals. In the winter the ATV rentals are switched out for snowmobile rentals in Duck Creek Village. A number of trails are accessed directly from the town itself, allowing visitors to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back out to the trails. Duck Creek Village is one of the most ATV-accessible areas in all of Utah, and is perfect for riders of all skill levels. Visitors are also able to enjoy the area in the local vacation home rentals in Duck Creek Village. The vacation rentals in the area offer ample parking for trailers and vehicles, and also offer direct access to many of the trails. Home rentals are the most popular choice of lodging in Duck Creek Village, thanks to the abundant space and amenities provided to guests like full-size kitchens, large bathrooms, laundry facilities, and lots of privacy. You are bound to see more ATVs in the area than vehicles, thanks to the ATV-friendly town. Come and see what all of the excitement is about!

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